Chaplaincy’s Policy

The Department of Chaplaincy serves is one of the departments operating under the division of student affairs;

  • To minister to the spiritual needs of the entire university (students and staff and their families) in times of celebration and mourning.  The Chaplain coordinates and conducts university campus community services, special ceremonies and Christian associations;

  • To provide a creative presence in the University offering pastoral care for students faculty, staff and their families in time of trauma, indecision, sickness, bereavement of distress and to officiate at ceremonies honouring the ending of life, birth or moments of marriage or covenant;

  • To facilitate interfaith that will contribute to wholeness relationships, create an atmosphere of religious tolerance and cooperation among the diversity Christian association and churches within the campus;

  • To coordinate the University choir where students are encouraged to participate;

  • To coordinate community for charity services;

  • To assist with very small short term loans to students under Chaplaincy Student Hardship Fund (if available) in times of emergencies like death;

  • Source and distribute devotional material and Christian literature to students and staff;

  • Occasional conduct baptisms for those who accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour, conduct weddings when and when necessary.

The Chaplaincy Board

  • The administration committee choose some members of staff to form the Chaplaincy board together with the chaplain.  They meet once a month to plan leadership workshops and religious life on campus;

  • To promote Christian nature and spiritual life within the specific traditions and backgrounds of the church for the purpose of common witness and service to students and staff;

  • Participating in the formal occasion in the life of the university such as new students’ and parents’ orientation, prayer at commencement services and end of semester services, university special ceremonies like graduation, memorial services and other special services

The Wider Community Involvement in University Life

  • The churches in Zimbabwe and other countries are actively involved in the spiritual life and socio-economic welfare of our students through the provision of tuition fees and living allowances;

  • The financial contribution towards the university projects namely:

  • The Chaplaincy Student Hardship Revolving Loan Fund

  • The Christian groups on campus go out on communities outreach within the neighbourhood and to the neighbouring rural communities preaching the good news of Jesus Christ.



Department of Chaplaincy

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