Business Development, Information and Public Relations

Department – Business Development, Information and Public Relations

The department seeks to be an active centre for business development, marketing communications, resource mobilisation and the major driving force behind linkages with stakeholders such as the Church, government, partners, friends, students, potential students, high schools, employees, legislators, local and business communities.

As the face of the organisation, it is the responsibility of the department to develop and maintain a distinct, high profile image of the university as well as to actively spearhead the institution’s resource mobilisation activities.


The department exists to take the leading role in promoting Reformed Church University image and vision of becoming a leading institution in offering Special Needs Education training.


Ensuring that Reformed Church University becomes the Nation, Continent and World’s first choice University.

Core Values

  • Professionalism

  • Accountability

  • Timeliness

  • Accuracy

  • Excellency

Aims and Objectives

The department set itself the following aims and objectives:

  • Lead the University’s business development activities with various stakeholders

  • position the university as a leader and authority in research and providing affordable degree programmes for people living with and without disabilities;

  • increase visibility for the university’s entire range of programmes and services;

  • expand awareness of the university’s entire range of programmes and services through publication, media coverage and use of promotional materials;

  • enhance the university’s image;

  • aid in recruitment and retention of employees and staff;

  • spearhead fundraising and resource mobilisation activities for the University;

  • boost student and employee morale from time to time;

  • champion the formulation, implementation, monitoring and review of the strategic plan

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Telephone: +263 772 168 102