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The department exists to take the leading role in promoting Reformed Church University image and vision of becoming a leading institution in offering Special Needs Education training.


Ensuring that Reformed Church University becomes the Nation, Continent and World’s first choice University.

Core Values

  • Professionalism

  • Accountability

  • Timeliness

  • Accuracy

  • Excellency

Our Commitment

The Reformed Church University is strongly dedicated to good corporate citizenship and social responsibility. In the execution of its mandate, the University understands that ethical and compliant provision of community services will ensure the success of our societies which in turn will reinvest in our University.

The University is cognisant of the fact that its market position as one of Zimbabwe's growing tertiary institutions brings a level of responsibility to the communities within which it operates.

As such, the University is engaging in a number of projects such as training computer skills to the surrounding communities, cleaning-up local business places with the view of helping the communities around RCU build a sustainable and healthy society.

Through its social responsibility activities, the University intends to fulfill its duty of  value creation for all stakeholders of the University and the Reformed Church in Zimbabwe as a whole.

This approach cements our mandate of providing education, research and community service.  The University’s most significant contribution to social development is to manage an education and research institution through which many people should benefit. Our success as a University will enable us to improve and support circumstances for our stakeholders and the public at large.
The University also uses these activities as forums for the public to interact with the RCU brand, thus gaining insight into its identity as a University, and what it represents. RCU’s dedication to being a responsible academic institution goes beyond merely providing teaching and research.

Rather, the University strives for greatness with the urge to raise the RCU flag high and develop the vast potential that is proudly Zimbabwean.


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ZB Bank
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