Finance For Non-Finance Managers Short Course Training


  • To equip participants with a good grasp of financial management skills;
  • To enable participants to appreciate the significance of internal and external auditors;
  • To provide participants room for continuous professional development;
  • To provide managers and heads of institutions with skills for developing and motivating human capital.


  • Individual business owners including SME’s operators;
  • Intra and entrepreneurs in a business operation; and
  • Institutional managers: lower, middle and upper levels.


The training will be held at the Royal Hotel, Bulawayo from Monday 15 to Wednesday 17 May 2017.


Part I

  1.  Internal Audits and their significance to external Audits.
  2.  Financial Accounting Concepts and the recording of Financial Transactions
  3. The external Auditor and the Client
  4. Projects appraisal: Cost of Capital and Risk and Return, IRR and payback period.
  5. Statement of Comprehensive Income and Statement of Changes in Equity.
  6. Working Capital Management
  7. Statement of Financial Position
  8. Dealing with the Bank, Bank Statement and Plastic Money

Part II

  1. The reasons for Financial Management in Business
  2. Perquisites (Perks) for Motivation
  3. Human Capital, Development in a Business Entity.
  4. Bank Reconciliation and the Cash Book.
  5. Taxation: tax allowances, capital, wear and tear, Value Added Tax
  6. Depreciation Allowances, capital gains, PAYE and Investment Allowances.
  7. Significance of  Career Management in developing finance staff

Part III

  1. The Layman’s View of How to Manage Finances
  2. Significance of the HR in Managing a Business
  3. Whither the Cash Book and the Petty Cash in the Plastic Money World.
  4. Accounting Ratios for Corporate Performance measurement.


Participants should register in advance by 28 April 2017. Please contact the following:

Mr. C.M.A Mutiwanyuka    P: +263 77 233 1097

Mr. N. Mabwe                   P: +263 77 340 9857


The course fee is $85.00 per individual which is inclusive of course material, teas, lunch and certificate. The RCU will issue certificates to all those who would have completed the course. Payments can be made into the Reformed Church University ZB Account 4564 679129 200 or CBZ Account 02524191060018 (Both Masvingo Branch) or Ecocash Biller Code 47499. Fullpayment should be made by 5 May 2017 and kindly indicate the purpose of the payment. 

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