Vice Chancellor Graduation Speech

The Reformed Church University 2020 Graduation Report

Friday 27 November, 2020 was a day of celebration at the Reformed Church University in the ancient city of Masvingo when the institution held its 5th graduation ceremony. The ceremony was held at the institution’s campus at Riebeek Farm which is 7 km from Masvingo CBD.

The event saw 180 graduands graduating with degrees from three faculties namely Faculty of Arts, Theology, Culture and Heritage Studies, Faculty of Education and Faculty of Commerce. Of the 180 graduands 54% were female which speaks to the university’s commitment to ensuring gender parity and equal access to opportunity, an objective that is in line with those set forth in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the development agenda of regional and continental bodies such as the African Union.

Baramasimbe Gorondo Maivha, Dapi Fredreck and Masvinyangwa Clapos emerged as the best students in the faculties of Arts, Commerce and Education respectively. Dr Mazvuru, the RCU Council Chair welcomed parents, guardians and sponsors of the graduands and expressed his admiration for the graduating class’ focus and resolve to attain their respective qualifications overcoming many obstacles along the way. Dr Mazvuru went on to thank the numerous partners and stakeholders that have supported the university tirelessly throughout the year and who continue to do so. He heighted that the Covid 19 pandemic delivered a hammer blow against every dimension of human existence and enterprise hence the university experienced disruptions and slowing down of schedules but had adapted to the new realities and soldiered on. The Reformed Church in Zimbabwe church Moderator and Chancellor Rev Isaac Pandasvika presided over the graduation and the Minister of State for Masvingo, Ezra Chadzamira was the guest of honour. Reverand Pandasvika pointed out that the University’s mandate is to produce quality graduands who will effortlessly fit in the socio-economic landscape of the country. In his speech the RCU chancellor, Rev Isaac Pandasvika, stressed that the university will continue to do well in the coming years and will be one of the best universities in Zimbabwe. “RCU will continue to thrive for the next 100 years and beyond. He (the Lord) shall be greater, I shall be less (John 3:30),” said Reverend Pandasvika. RCU Vice Chancellor Prof Obert Maravanyika said the University is planning to build an
industrial hub that will focus on inclusivity and production of special devices for use by people living with disabilities“RCU is planning to establish an inclusivity industrial hub for different types of disabilities. The hub will make, adapt, warehouse, sell and research on various assistive devices for differently-abled individuals’, he said. The Vice Chancellor went on to say that the institution is in the process of establishing relationships with institutions across the world that are involved in different types of disability in order to improve on teaching, research, innovation and industrialization.”

On a speech read on his behalf by the Director in the Minister of State‘s Office, Honourable E. Chadzamira said it was an honour and privilege for him to officiate as the guest of honour at the 5th Graduation Ceremony of the Reformed Church University and indicated that this was indeed a great day in the history of the university and that of Masvingo Province as number 5 symbolises balance, courage and important life lessons leant through experience. He went on to say during the liberation struggle we had 5 inspirational words, ” we are our own liberators”, represented by 5 fingers in a clenched fist hence the development of RCU attests to a similar resolve to collectively achieve more. The minister challenged RCU to add value to the economic trajectory of the nation through Education 5.0, emphasizing on Masvingo’s advantage of having human and natural resources which can push for agricultural success which they should take advantage of.  Lastly, the minister implored the Reformed Church University to feel free to approach his office for any assistance that it may need and going forward the relation between his office and RCU should flourish.

It was also a momentous occasion for the graduands as they were all inducted into the RCU Alumni Association by the Vice Chancellor Professor Maravanyika and they had this to say “I pledge to join the Reformed Church University Alumni Association and act as a goodwill ambassador through mutually beneficial partnerships with the University.

Help me God”