GEMS Star, and also a social work student at Reformed Church University, Elizabeth Mushore went for the team’s trip to South Africa for the Innovation Diamond Cup Challenge dated for next month.

The flexible 21-year-old Gems defender who plays for Platinum Queens in the domestic setup (Masvingo) took up at Rivers Primary School in Mazoe and is originally from Chiweshe. Mushore changed positions from Attach to Defense after she made her debut and she says that’s the highlight of her career so far.

“There are a lot of things that I’ve accomplished but I can say I was proud of myself when I was called to play defense when all along I was playing shooting and I made it, I was so happy, and I have also played in Pretoria in South Africa,” said Mushore.

Apart from netball, the Gems Star is thankful to her former school teacher, Mr. Mlambo from Pamushana High School which is a Reformed Church in Zimbabwe institution for helping her achieve her goals. She also is a multi-talented sports star as she plays netball, athletics, and girls’ soccer. Apart from athletics, Mushore is also pursuing her academic studies at Reformed Church University where she is doing Social Work.

Mushore is using her income from platinum Queens to cover her tuition and other expenses. She claims that netball is her job and she is also excited at the opportunity of representing her University(RCU), Club, and above all her country when playing netball in other countries.

“It’s something that I feel good about because I’m doing it for myself, for my University (RCU), my country and club, and those who support me, especially my family,” she said.

Mushore missed out on the opportunity to play in Namibia in 2018 because of an injury and she considered that as one of her major setbacks. She also encouraged other upcoming stars to do what they love and stop at nothing from going for it.

“If there’s something that you love, do it and work extra hard so that you achieve what you want in life and if you love it, go for it. My biggest advice is to work hard, don’t wait for someone to pick you,” she said.

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