The Reformed Church University 2022 Graduation Ceremony

On Friday, the 28th of October 2022, the Reformed Church University held its 7th graduation ceremony. The ceremony was held at the institution’s campus at Riebeek Farm which is 7 km from Masvingo CBD along Byo/Mashava road.

The Vice Chancellor of the Reformed Church University Professor.E. Dumbu welcomed all the distinguished guests to the 2022 Graduation Ceremony. These guests were Deputy Minister Honourable Ray Machingura, Minister of State represented by Mr. Nyamhuru, RCZ Moderature, Masvingo Mayor His worship Mr. Maboke, ZIMCHE CEO Mr. Dzvimbo, the Former Vice-Chancellor Professor Magwa, the Vice Chancellors of sister Universities and friends of the Institution.

The VC expressed his gratitude to the Deputy Minister Honourable Ray Machingura for the support and advisory role to which the Ministry is rendering to the Reformed Church University. He also conveyed his admiration to the graduating class on their tremendous achievements since they joined the RCU.

The total of graduating students added up to 181 who obtained degrees from three faculties which are Faculty of Arts, Theology, Culture and Heritage Studies, Faculty of Education and Social Work, and Faculty of Commerce. Among the 181 graduands, 73 where male and 103 were female.

The Faculty of Commerce consisted of a total of 102 graduands while the Faculty of Education and Social Work had a total of 73 graduands and the total in the Faculty of Arts, Theology, Culture and Heritage Studies summed up to 6. The Vice-Chancellor also highlighted that the total number of the graduands was originally meant to be higher than 181, but some temporarily dropped out due to financial hardships, but he was pessimistic that they will resume with the institution and complete their degrees.

Dr . A Mazvuru, the University Council Chairman, highlighted that the Covid 19 pandemic delivered a tense hammer blow which stretched the University’s wheel and limited quite a number of things, but he expressed his utmost gratitude towards all the RCZ Congregants Churches and numerous partners and stakeholders because of their stewardship which made the University to continue to move forward.

The Reformed Church in Zimbabwe Moderator and Chancellor Rev Isaac Pandasvika presided over the graduation ceremony and the deputy Minister RayMachingura was the guest of honour.

Honorable Machingura delivered a message on behalf of the Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education, Innovation, Science and Technology Development which was directed to the RCU graduands. Professor.A. Murwira indicated that modernization and industrialization constituted the national vision 2030 mantra,
“Through knowledge and Innovation, transformation can be witnessed as human capital is developed. Knowledge is transformed to quality goods and services”

Lastly, the minister appraised the Reformed Church University as it is practicing the constitutional mandate, “Leaving no place and no one behind”. According to Chapter 4-part 3 sub-Section 83 of the Constitution of Zimbabwe, the right of persons with disability within all institutions should abide in, and as RCU was proudly noted for doing very well in this area and also creating inclusive communities through sign language training.

The graduates were then inducted into the RCU Alumni Association by the Vice Chancellor Professor Dumbu.

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