Faculty of Arts, Theology, Culture and Heritage Studies

About Faculty Arts


The Faculty of Arts, Theology, Culture and Heritage Studies is currently in the process of growth and development. It houses two programs: Bachelor of Theology Honours Degree and Bachelor of Arts Honours Media and Development Studies.

The Faculty focuses on the development of academics and professionals equipped to analyze, critique, evaluate and apply concepts to contemporary situations in an inclusive environment fostering heritage-based socio-political and economic developmental issues. The faculty aims at stimulating an on-going interaction between society, students and graduates leading the sensitization of parties to the on-going need for innovation and industrialization based on specific heritages of given contexts.

The Theology programme is currently held at the two centres: Harare and Masvingo-Morgenster. The program is run by experts holding various capacities in Church and Community programmes.


The vision is to be a Theological Faculty of excellence participating in God’s mission in the real context in time and space.


Development of inclusive oriented human capital, through excellence in heritage based teaching, research, community engagement and innovation embedded in Christian values to address emerging socio-economic challenges.


The Faculty currently has one programme running: Bachelor of Theology Honours Degree with the Bachelor of Arts Honours Media and Development Studies still to enroll a viable class. While for the past years the Theology program was only offered at Morgenster Campus, it is now offered at the RCU Harare Campus following the multi-campus approach adopted by the University.

The Faculty is composed of two departments: The Department of Theology and Media and Development Studies.


Post-Doctoral Fellow in Research Career Management (University of Reading, UK); PhD Literacy Development, University of Reading, UK; Master in Applied Linguistics (UZ); Graduate Certificate in Education (Grad C.E., UZ; B.A, Fourah Bay College (University of Sierra Leone.)

Functions of the Faculty

The core mandate of the Faculty is to teach, research, engage in community development activities, innovate and industrialize at every opportunity. The Faculty endeavours to provide stakeholder satisfaction through quality upgrading of Ministers of religion, of the Reformed Church in Zimbabwe as well equally as other churches.

Brief History Of The Faculty

In 2012, the RCU at its re-establishment embraced ‘inclusivity’ as the niche of the university. This meant that all its programmes had to be directed towards the realisation of inclusive human capital development at all levels of the socio-economic sphere of Zimbabwe and the world at large. Thus, at its re-establishment the RCU identified two programmes within the Faculty of Education and Social Sciences which were intended to be drivers of the inclusivity niche.  It is in this regard that at its inception in 2012, the faculty had only two programmes: Bachelor of Education Honours in Special Need Education and the Bachelor of Education Honours in Early Childhood Development Education. In the formative stages of the University’s development, the Faculty of Education and Social Sciences published the Braille Sexual and Reproductive Health Dictionary in partnership with the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education which was a great stride in closing a gap that existed in SRH issues for people with visual impairment.

In 2018 ZIMCHE approved eight more programmes in the Faculty and more programmes are already lined up for the further enhancement of the university motto ‘leaving a legacy through inclusivity’.

2021 Intake in Progress.