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About Faculty Commerce

The Faculty of Commerce aims to provide quality and relevant business, finance, management and entrepreneurial education to students. Commerce degree programmes prepare students to be captains of commerce and industry capable of contributing to the fast-growing local and global economies through excellent teaching, relevant research and the transfer of knowledge and skills. The Faculty of Commerce was established in 2012 with 4 undergraduate degree programmes at its inception and has continued to expand the programmes it offers to students. The faculty now trains graduates who are competent in diverse fields of commerce such as: Accountancy, Banking and Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Business Management, Logistics and Supply Chain Management and Public Administration.

In addition, the faculty now offers Master of Business Administration degree program. Graduates from the faculty of Commerce are well-positioned to function in the 21st century knowledge society and are equipped to pursue opportunities in industry, non-governmental organizations and the government sector. The Faculty of Commerce embraces Education 5.0 framework. It is moving beyond training graduates who seek employment, to producing creative and innovative entrepreneurs who can create employment and turn around the economy.  The faculty seeks to uphold excellence in teaching, research, community engagement, innovation and commercialisation. It works closely with local communities and other strategic partners who add value to our academic programmes and research, thus enhancing the relevance of our degree programmes to industry and society. The Faculty of Commerce is in the process of building its research aptitude and faculty members are actively pursuing research on small and medium scale enterprises, financial inclusion, financial literacy and ethics and corporate governance. In addition, the faculty conducts short courses, seminars and public lectures with leading academics and industry.

Programmes Offered

Short Courses

To be a leading world class Faculty in a Christian University pursuing the frontiers of knowledge in research, teaching, innovation and advancing specialized and continuing entrepreneurial education to local and international students and professionals


The Faculty of Commerce endevours to promote first-class academia in research, teaching and innovation in support of personal growth, industrial development and technological advancement whilst positively impacting local communities, the nation and the region through the provision of self sustenance and problem-solving skills, knowledge and value-adding attitudes. In the process we will develop expert entrepreneurs and managers capable of providing reliable, proactive and excellent services to their clients in a multi-national and multi-cultural work setting. In order to support the mission, the faculty of Commerce shall:

  • Lead in the development of entrepreneurs, managers and professionals in the world of commerce,
  • Provide our stakeholders with an enabling environment for research and innovation aimed at empowering them with entrepreneurial skills
  • Produce multi-talented graduates equipped with skills and competencies relevant to the needs of society
  • Strengthen community participation in programs offered through involvement in their development
  • Strengthen community participation in programs offered through involvement in their development.
  • Use modern based techniques in teaching, research, innovation and administration
  • Attract, train and retain highly competent staff

2021 Intake in Progress.