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About Faculty Of Education And Social Sciences

Welcome to the Reformed Church University Faculty of Education and Social Sciences. We endeavor to be a world class centre of excellence in inclusive education and social sciences for a sustainable future.


In 2012, the RCU at its establishment embraced ‘inclusivity’ as the niche of the university. This meant that all its programmes had to be directed towards the realisation of inclusive human capital development at all levels of the socio-economic sphere of Zimbabwe and the world at large. Thus, at its establishment the RCU identified two programmes within the Faculty of Education and Social Sciences which were intended to be drivers of the inclusivity niche.  It is in this regard that at its inception in 2012, the faculty had only two programmes: Bachelor of Education Honours in Special Need Education and the Bachelor of Education Honours in Early Childhood Development Education. In the formative stages of the University’s development, the Faculty of Education and Social Sciences published the Braille Sexual and Reproductive Health Dictionary in partnership with the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education which was a great stride in closing a gap that existed in SRH issues for people with visual impairment.

In 2018 ZIMCHE approved eight more programmes in the Faculty and currently more programmes are already lined up for the further enhancement of the university motto ‘leaving a legacy through inclusivity’.

The RCU Faculty of Education and Social Sciences is driven by the belief that education is the most powerful tool for holistic and sustainable socio-economic transformation. We are guided by the principles of inclusivity that ensure that all people in spite of their differences should have access to education that develops them to be the best they can be. It is in this spirit that the Faculty of Education and Social Sciences offer a wide range of study areas which motivate students to engage communities and actively contribute to the evolution of education and social sciences becoming powerful catalysts of change. This is done through teaching, research, community service and innovation for the industrialisation of Zimbabwe and the world which should promote opportunity and social justice for all.

We offer a broad range of programs which are oriented toward the promotion of an inclusive and just society in line with the motto of our university ‘creating a legacy through inclusivity’. We also offer a broad range of research initiatives that symbolize our devotion to impartiality, diversity, collaboration and community engagement. This is reflected in our teaching and research interests. Our teaching and learning approach is largely inclined towards the research based, inclusive and heritage based focus hinged on the Education 5.0 philosophy (educate, research, community serve, innovate and industrialise). The faculty offers both face to face, distance and online education. We are committed to the use of digital technology for a holistic approach to teaching and learning in diverse situations.

We are committed to the continuous professional development of members of the faculty. In response to the COVID 19 induced challenges on the delivery of face to face tuition, the faculty members undertook online teaching and learning refresher courses hosted by the RCU library services.

Faculty Dean

Dr. E. Rutoro


To be become a preeminent centre of excellence in inclusive human capital development through research, innovation and competence based teaching and learning hub for the industrialisation of Zimbabwe.


To address emerging socio-economic challenges through the development of inclusive oriented human capital, excellence in heritage based teaching, research, community engagement and innovation embedded in Christian values.