Academic Registry Department

Welcome to the Academic Registry Department, a vital component of the Registrar’s Office, where our primary focus is to facilitate and enhance the academic journey of our students. Our department plays a pivotal role in ensuring that the academic aspect of University life is both seamless and enriching. At the heart of our mission lies a commitment to promoting academic excellence and student success. We achieve this by meticulously managing and coordinating various academic functions, ranging from curriculum development and course scheduling to maintaining academic records and enforcing University policies. One of our key responsibilities is to work closely with academic departments and Faculties to design and refine academic programs that meet the evolving needs of our students. We also oversee the scheduling of classes and examinations, striving to create a balanced and efficient timetable that allows students to access their chosen courses.


To be a pillar of excellent service support to stakeholders in making the RCU a beacon of diverse and all-embracing education anchored on Christian values.

To provide a cross-cutting support service which is conducive to the holistic nurturing of a creative, knowledgeable and morally upright graduate.

The Academic Support division within the Registrar’s Department is focused on providing comprehensive assistance to students throughout their academic journey. From enrollment and course registration to academic records management, graduation processes, and academic advice. Our team is here to ensure that you have access to the resources and support required to succeed in your studies. We work closely with students, Faculties, and other departments within the university to facilitate a smooth and rewarding educational experience.

  • Offers career guidance to all prospective students
  • Receives, screens and processes applications for all RCU academic programmes
  • Admits all eligible candidates as students in liaison with the receiving Faculties
  • Issues letters of offer to all successful applicants
  • Registers all students admitted to the RCU
  • Provides administrative and relevant support service to all teaching Departments and Faculties.
  • Attending to students’ academic queries.
  • Administers all RCU examinations
  • Produces the examination timetable for all RCU programmes
  • Processes all RCU examination results before publication”
  • Maintains an up to date academic record on every RCU student and graduate.
  • Generates and issues academic transcripts and certificates for all RCU students and graduates in liaison with the ICT, Library and Bursar’s Departments, the latter specifically for fees clearance.
  • Validates RCU academic qualifications for all RCU alumni.

Staff Establishment

Mr. M. Sikwila

Senior Assistant Registrar, Academic Affairs

Mrs G. Mutambi

Assistant Registrar, Examinations

Mr T.M. Dzambara

Assistant Registrar, Faculties Administration

Ms F. Nyashanu

Administrative Clerk, Student Records Office

Mr R. Zvinavashe

Administrative Clerk, Faculties Administration