Business Development and Information

Welcome to the Business Development, Information and Public Relations Department

The office is an active centre for business development, marketing communications, resource mobilization and the major driving force behind linkages with stakeholders such as the church, government, partners, friends, students, potential students, high schools, employees, and legislators, local and business communities.

Mr. M. Chanyungunya 

Director of Strategic Planning & Business Development


  • International Masters in Business Administration ( UIBE – China )
  • BComm Tourism & Hospitality Management ( MSU )
  • Certificate in Digital Marketing ( MAZ)

As the face of the organization, it is the responsibility of the department to develop and maintain a distinct, high profile image of the university as well as to actively spearhead the institution’s resource mobilization activities. To make it easy to fulfill its critical mandate the department is strategically located in the Vice Chancellor’s Office. The responsibilities of the department include but not limited to the

  • Leading the University’s business development activities with various stakeholders.
  • Positioning the university as a leader and authority in research and providing affordable degree programmes for people living with and without disabilities.
  • Expanding awareness of the university’s entire range of programmes and services through publication, media coverage and use of promotional materials.Enhancing the
    university’s image.
  • Spearheading fundraising and resource mobilization activities for the University.
  • Championing the formulation, implementation, monitoring and review of the strategic plan.

Ensuring that Reformed Church University becomes the Nation, Continent and World’s first choice University.

The department exists to take the Leading role in promoting Reformed Church University image and vision of becoming a leading in offering inclusivity in education

  • Professionalism
  • Accountability
  • Timeliness
  • Accuracy
  • Excellency

The University Marketing and Communication department is responsible for developing and executing marketing strategies that help the university achieve its goals and objectives. The
department is engaged in various activities like advertising, branding, public relations, email campaigns, social media marketing, event planning, and many more.
The primary aim of the department is to enhance the visibility and reputation of the university to potential students, donors, faculty, staff, alumni, and the public. The team is comprised of experts in various fields like graphic design, web development, copywriting, social media management, media relations, photography, and videography.
The University Marketing and Communication department is committed to excellence in all its endeavors and strives to create compelling and distinctive marketing messages that resonate with the target audience. The team works closely with the University leadership, stakeholders, and the community to ensure that all activities align with the institution’s values and mission.

The University Public Relations department plays an important role in managing the reputation of the University in the eyes of stakeholders. The primary function of the office is to maintain open and positive communication between the University and its various audiences, both internal and external.

Some of the specific duties and roles of a university public relations office are:

  1. Develop and implement the University’s PR strategy: The public relations team develops a communication plan that outlines key objectives and messaging strategies for various channels.
  2. Build relationships with stakeholders: The office maintains relationships with media, government officials, alumni, students, staff, and other relevant groups to ensure that the University’s message is effectively communicated.
  3. Manage university crises: The public relations office is responsible for handling negative publicity and managing crises to minimize damage to the university’s reputation.
  4. Plan and execute events: Public relations team plans and coordinates various events on the University campus that improve the University’s image, such as community service events,
    campus tours, and open houses.
  5. Write press releases and stories: The team creates press releases and stories on University news and events that are distributed to media outlets and the public.
  6. Maintain the university website and social media channels: Public relations team manages the University website and social media channels, ensuring the most accurate and up-to-date
    information is available.
  7. Assist with any university-related communication: The office also assists other departments with communication in ad-hoc situations such as fundraising campaign announcements, grant proposals, and staff recruitment.

Overally, the University Public Relations Office plays a critical role in maintaining the reputation and image of the University. They work diligently to ensure that the University’s
message is clear, consistent, and reaches its intended audience.

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