The Institute Of Inclusivity

The Institute of Inclusivity

Welcome to the Institute of Inclusivity at the Reformed Church University (RCU). The Institute of Inclusivity is responsible for the education and welfare of people who are differently abled. The RCU niche area is “ special needs education” and our vision is to be a relevant world class centre of excellence in inclusive education, research and community service, innovation and industrialization embedded in Christian values.

The institute of inclusivity offers a variety of services that help expedite the academic life of students by ensuring that they get equal access to academic facilities and ensuring that the conditions are universal and accommodative enough to persons who are differently abled. The institute of inclusivity seeks to ensure that students with disabilities are included in every activity at the RCU Campus ‘nothing about us, without us’. It is the duty of the institute of inclusivity to ensure that it lives  to the universal standards. As RCU leverages on its niche area of inclusivity it is in the process of establishing a National Institute of Inclusivity, Teaching , Research and Rehabilitation which apart from teaching and research would be a hub for innovation, production and warehousing of assistive devices across a wide range of disabilities. Students who are differently abled enrolled at the Reformed Church University include the  visually impaired, the hearing impaired, the physically handicapped and those with albinism.

The Institute of Inclusivity  at RCU offers the following services:

  • Assisting students who are differently abled in their registration process
  • Offering mobility orientation training to new students with visual impairment for easy campus navigation
  • Ensuring that new students with visual impairment have access to  E-Learning/ library training and orientation
  • Continual research on matters of disability
  • Ensuring all departments are providing inclusive learning and teaching equipment to various students with disabilities.
  • Promoting disability awareness campaigns on campus (students and staff) and to the community.
  • Ensuring that students who are differently abled actively participate in all university activities
  • Offering inclusive support to all students with disabilities during their university life
  • Providing learning assistive devices to students such as braille machines, voice recorders, slate and stylus etc
  • Transcribing braille material from students into print for the benefit of lecturers
  • Training sign language to staff and students for effective communication
  • Ensuring that students with disabilities successfully write their exams using their preferred mode of writing.

The Institute of Inclusivity makes sure that students with disabilities are well informed on the COVID-19 pandemic. The department also ensures that COVID-19 Information is made available in print and sign language format. There is a continual COVID-19 sensitization.