University Prayer

Our University Prayer

Almighty God and Father of us all, we glorify your name.We behold your power and glory for the success of the Reformed Church University. Bless all our dreams and goals. We pray for the Reformed Church University that the Institution may be faithful to the purpose of its Founders, the Reformed Church in Zimbabwe. Help us good Lord as we continue the search for world class excellence in special needs education, research and community service embedded in Christian values. Give us the wisdom, to uphold the core values of equity, knowledge, excellence and integrity. Shower your grace on our efforts to provide equal opportunities for holistic, quality education that aims to produce innovative, morally upright and contextual graduates with leadership skills. Inspire our thinking on effective ways to touch the minds of the young, with insight into the beauty of our University. Help us good Lord to live our principles of Church commitment, professionalism, efficiency, quality, innovativeness, dynamism, transparency, accountability and teamwork. Watch over our partners and friends and encourage them to support our University generously. Give success to our teams and scholastic competitions. Grant us good humor and good health.Most of all help us to grow in love and understanding with one another and with Jesus Christ who is the way to you our Creator.We ask this in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Kudakwenyu ngakuitwe