Student Affairs

On behalf of Student Affairs, it is my single honour and privilege to welcome you to the reformed church university family. A special welcome is extended to all first year students. It is also a pleasure to have our returning students back .welcome!!!

Student affairs are your first home and family away from home. We are ready to support you in your pursuit of a new life meant to benefit you and your family. We will not rest until we are sure you are capable and responsible cadres to take our country forward. The university professionals here, are more than willing to create and build a community of learners and create an inclusive environment that promotes and values co existence and collaboration. We will provide services which will help you to grow into total human beings.

Student Affairs will support students in the academic and social life beyond the classroom that prepares you to function effectively in a world which is interconnected technologically. You are encouraged to join any of the social clubs available and be fully involved in university activities. By  doing so you will be helping  to market your university locally and internationally .As part of the student body prepare yourself to participate in student organizations where you will represent the university, take up leadership roles, participate in sports, work on innovation hub to create artifacts and show your talents in sports and recreational activities.

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COVID 19 situation has taught me that traditional approaches are no longer fit to purpose .I am therefore encouraging students to participate in training to ensure that they are conversant with online interactive platforms and the use E-Resources for their studies. The e- chera training will keep you abreast the current trends .Please set realistic goals for yourself so that you will be amongst the best.Student Affairs offers the following services

  • Catering services
  • Chaplaincy and ecumenical services
  • Student health and counseling services
  • Inclusivity and Life Skills
  • Student Activities, sports and recreation
  • Student Conduct and Discipline
  • Student Liaison and Development

Use the student portals to access all your services .Our ICT staff are more than willing to assist you.

Please become familiar with these important items:

RCU Website has information on services and programs designed to help you define and achieve your goals at Reformed Church  University.
Your Student Portal where important information will be sent through this platform.
You should be guided by the RCU University’s Mission, Vision and Core Values to develop students into total human beings. Use the university structures to air your grievances and communicate your issues through the right channels. The Dean of Students is ready to assist, remember as a growing institution, a lot stands to be achieved but not without your cooperation.
Integrity– as a humanist myself, I believe that principles of UBUNTU are key in helping us realize the diversity that underpins our niche of being a centre for excellence in inclusivity. Thus, on the basis of this, collective goals supersede individual goals in the pursuit of the maintenance of our system. . We all have a responsibility to positively represent ourselves and our university in public and private forums. Our growth depends so much on our efforts to protect our reputation. We should avoid tarnishing our image in the mass media. Such irrational behaviour waters down the quality of our qualifications and our efforts to grow.
RCU students are guided by Ordinances and students should observe the rules closely.
God Bless you all!!!


Student affairs will cater for diverse needs of all its students through deliberate and conscious respect for human rights


Student affairs exists to provide quality services to all its students through reduction of physical and psycho social barriers of all kinds.


Student affairs exists to provide quality services to all its students through reduction of physical and psycho social barriers of all kinds.

Core Values

The values that guide the RCU Student Affairs are:

  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Honesty
  • Openness
  • Tolerance

Guiding Principles

The principles that guide our office are that:

  • Creating student –centered  learning environment.
  • Develop innovative and original thinkers capable of solving community problems in a changing environment. Helping students develop coherent values and ethical standards,
  • Providing of opportunities for students to demonstrate the values of honesty, equality, civility, freedom, dignity and responsible citizenship. Setting and communicating high expectations for student learning. This is enhanced by appropriate students’ capabilities and aspirations, and consistent with the institution’s mission, vision and values.
  • Creating partnerships that advance students learning with all sectors of the community.
  • Building supportive and inclusive communities where diversity, social responsibility and  a sense of belonging is fostered


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