Campus Life

About Student Welfare

Student welfare encompasses services that promote the physical, mental and social wellbeing of a user friendly environment preventing exclusion.

Student Residence

Student Affairs department is mainly responsible for securing accommodation to RCU Students through off-campus accredited privately owned accommodation in Masvingo


To provide user friendly environment which fosters students with diverse needs and different abilities.


RCU Department of Residences strives to:

Create a healthy living and learning environment where students from diverse backgrounds, needs and abilities can develop relationships in solidarity, comradeship with unit of purpose. Provide a clean, safe, healthy and well-maintained environment that is conducive to learning.

Student Campus Culture Overview

With its niche area Inclusivity, RCU aims at creating a universal environment were different individuals are able to take part and participate in different activities. The RCU Campus culture strives at creating a user friendly environment that celebrates diversity, innovation, inclusivity, embracing the   integration of students’ different cultures, backgrounds and personalities.

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